Hindus have 33 crores Hindu gods or 33 koti(types ) ? Lets find out

hindu gods

We have always heard people saying or we have always been believe that Hindus pray to 33 crores of Gods . Now that is a very big number and I do not think anybody can even remember so many names right ?

We all know Hindus have been worshiping numerous Hindu gods and goddesses from a very long time . In every part of India  in every village you will have see different gods and forms of gods worshiped by peoples.

All confusion started from a sanskrit word koti. In sanskrit koti actually means type and not crores in english.

Lets find below types of Hindu Gods as described in Rigveda. In Rigved 33 Koti or 33 types of Gods have been described as below. 33 types of Hindu gods have been divided into 12 Aditya , 8 Vasu, 11 Rudra and 2 Ashwini.

Lets see 33 Hindu Gods details here :

12 Adityas – Personified Identities

  1. Indra
  2. Anshuman
  3. Aaryaman
  4. Tvashta
  5. Dhatu
  6. Parjanya
  7. Pusha
  8. Bhaga
  9. Mitra
  10. Varun
  11. Vaivasvat
  12. Vishnu

Ashta Vasuvus – There are 8 vasus as below

  1. Apa – Jala Tatwa or liquid
  2. Dhara – Prithvi Tatwa or solid
  3. Anila – Vayu Tatwa or Gas
  4. Anala – Agni Tatwa or Energy
  5. Dhruva – the pole star representing
    1. Akash Tatwa – the sky or Vacuum and
    2. fixity of the zodiac i.e. the relevance of Ayanamsa
  6. Soma – The Moon
  7. Pratyusha – the recurring dawn representing
    1. The Sun – as causing the night and day i.e. the source of light behind the dawn,
    2. Lagna – The ascendant or the point in the eastern horizon as representing the self and is equated to the dawn.
  8. Prabhasa – splendorous lights of the stars that are grouped into 27/28 Nakshetra (Constellations).

11 Rudras  – Rudras are forms and followers of the god RudraShiva and make eleven of the Thirty-three gods in the Hindu pantheon.

  1. Manyu
  2. Manu
  3. Mahmasa
  4. Mahan
  5. Siva
  6. Rtudhvaja
  7. Ugraretas
  8. Bhava
  9. Kama
  10. Vaadeva
  11. Dhrtavrata

2 Ashwini –

  1. Ashwini
  2. Kuma

So with 12 + 8 + 11 +2 = 33 Gods and not 33 crores of Gods.

So now anytime you hear there are 33 crores Hindu Gods it your duty to educate them on the same and tell the real meaning and truth.

Keep sharing !!!

PS: We have tried to keep share information as true possible and with best of our knowledge. We do not rule out the possibility of any change in information  against the one posted here.

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