Ather Energy launches Ather S450 & Ather S340 electric Scooter in India;Prices starts from Rs.1.09 Lakhs

Ather Energy and electric startup from Bengaluru founded by two IIT graduates Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain has launched today their highly anticipated electric scooters Ather S450 & Ather S340.

Ather 450 the flagship model of the company has been priced at Rs. 1,24,750 (on-road price, Bengaluru) and its smaller sibling has been priced at Rs.1,09,750(on-road, Bengaluru). These are perhaps the m,ost expesive electric scooters in India.

Consumers also has one offer the Ather one service subscription plans with monthly charges of Rs.700/-.For early adopters the the Ather one has been made available free along with free charging point for Ather S450 and free charging cable for the Ather S340 customers respectively. The plan covers all regular service costs.

Ather S450 which is more powerful uses high capacity 2.4 kWh Li-Ion battery pack. It is IP 67 water resistant with a fast charging of upto 80% at 1 km/min. Ather S450 has top speed of 80 kmph and one charge range of 75 kms with eco mode on and 60 kms with power mode.

On other hand Ather S340 has range of top speed of 70 kmph and has a single charge range of 60 km.

Ather scooters also has interesting feature called reverse mode which  performs like a reverse gear in car . So now you do not have to worry now to pull bike from tight parking spots.

Both Ather S450 and Ather S340 are smart intelligent scooters with host of smart features and connectivity options.It features a 7″ caapacitive display on the dashboard which provides you all the information about your ride like top speed, total range covered, time,avg speed,trip and also odo meter.

Ypu can also get hos of this ride information on your mobile by connecting your bike to Ather App.(IOS / Android )

Bikes comes with vehicle warranty of 2 years/ 30000 kms and 3 years / unlimited kms for the Battery.

Both bikes Ather S450 and Ather S340 are now available for a pre order with a fully refundable token  amount of Rs.5000/-.As of now only available in Bengaluru company soon planning to expand in 30 new cities in coming months.

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